Welcome to the field of knowledge search, where one passes through vast terrains of knowledge and finally arrives at simplicity. While at it, one may succeed in answering questions, which had baffled him earlier. But one should not relax, as these answers themselves lead to more questions and the process continues. In the words of Einstein, "The most incomprehensible thing about this world is that it is comprehensible." It is highly meaningful in the context of knowledge and understanding, because knowledge is there to gain for those who seek it. Comprehension of the scientific phenomena, keeping them in memory and applying them whenever and wherever necessary, shall take you to the doors of success. The present study package is meant to develop in you the understanding of the subjective and objective methods of testing and arriving at solutions to problems in quick time without any trace of error.

To end, a word of caution: be sure and quick (in that order) but never guess ! May God bless you with the very best in all your forthcoming endeavours.

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